I went a hundred miles to be with folks I hardly knew
Along a road that led from nowhere to a dream come true
And as we sacrificed our sanity, the magic turned our vanity to solid stone
And put an end to being alone
And as the music played you smiled and led me to the floor
Where in the haven of your arms I was afraid no more
And all the friends that gathered round us, rejoiced that love had found us
And filled our hearts;
And now we'll never be apart
     Girl with no shoes on, danced into my soul
     Girl with no shoes on, making me whole
     I'll spread the news on, who rescued my life
     Girl with no shoes on, won't you be my wife
I've spent a hundred years of loneliness, or so it seems
The only comfort I could ever find was in my dreams
Now we dream together every day, ever since we threw our shoes away
And hand in hand,
We now walk the promised land

Copyright  Allan Bantick May 2000