I believe in the one-ness of all things
To know and to be understood
As the creatures of forest and field know the score
And they wouldn't be us if they could
For a vixen can hear the grass move
And the coney who moved it lies still
For she feels in the tremble of earth underfoot
The tread of the one who would kill
I remember the first of our first times
You were softness and warmth in my hand
And the song that we made is for us to be played
And the words only we understand
And if that were the end of the matter
We'd tire of this magic we've found
But I do believe we have more to achieve
For I can't hear the grass make a sound
There's a dream that I dream of a summer
In a land full of spaces to share
And the mountains and rivers are ours for a while
And only we two will be there
As we lie there I'll hear your grass move
And I'll know that's the time to begin
And in silence you'll show that you already know
From the tremble of my earth within
So I'll love pretty much whom I choose
I'll believe when there's nothing to prove
And a love that's begun, will finish as one
When a vixen hears the grass move.
Copyright Allan Bantick 1976