Don't worry 'bout me, I'm alright, I just started to live my life
And it's better than I ever dreamed it was going to be
Being Free
Oh but don't get me wrong, it's been lovely to see you, I'm glad that I came
And I'm grateful to you for the things that you helped me to see.
I remember a time in your life I was happy to do your thing
There was space in my time that was only for two, 
And you knew
And then after a time it got harder to find and I needed to go
Ah, but don't ever doubt it, I was in love with you.
Write if you like, I don't mind, I could handle your friendship now
You can call me at home when the cost of your living is high,
And I'll try
And I'll give you a hand if you like with the mess we just made of your bed
Ah but I can do nothing now for the tears in your eye
You can say what you like, but my love won't die
You can cheat me and lie, but my love won't die
You can whimper and cry and scream for the things that you want
You can rob me blind, but my love won't die
You can steal my mind, but it still won't die

How can it die - it's already dead and gone.
Copyright Allan Bantick August 1980