Well the party wasn't all that it could be
And I'm not sure quite where it was or who invited me
But you took my hand and we led each other to a one-night stand
Though as I recall it lasted two or three
It would help if I could just recall your name
It's as if you took it with you, girl, but part of you remains
Because I know you, and some of the things that you like to do
I can close my eyes and dream you back again
You go wearing your heart on your pillow.   Doing what wants to be done
Taking your love where you will, Oh, baby it sounds like fun
So I'm nearly certain that I might remember you
When the summer's all gone and there's nothing much else to do
When there's no-one here and I'm out of beer
When I'm counting sheep and I still can't sleep
Then I'm almost sure that I might try dreaming of you.
Copyright Allan Bantick January 1981