I've been around too long
And the friends that I made, don't mind if I fade away
They know I don't belong
And I couldn't hide, these feelings inside, no way.
And I love you all, and it's easy to see
Some of you wish you were me.
Look over there, I think I can see some mountains
The evening sun has pinked a field of early snow
Winter can't be far away and I love that time of year
Got on the road at nine
And after a while, belief and a smile crept over me.
The city's all behind me now
Sun in the sky, you're almost as high as me
Fly to the snow, North for the winter
A mountain bird, high as a kite, flying home.
And I'm leaving it behind, gonna leave it all behind
I'm believing in my mind
And it's fading fast
It's like seeing dawn, it's like being born a son to the sun
And I'm leaving it behind, at last.
Copyright Allan Bantick May 1980