It's been a very long and happy summer
The locals say the best they've seen in years
And funny how it only takes the sunshine
And winter's discontentment disappears
Now I don't say the sun was always shining
We've had some cloudy weather in between
But I don't have a problem staying happy
I'm basking in the light around Pauline
I think it won't be long before it's winter
When night time's so much longer than the day
When all the winter people come to see us
And all our summer friends have gone away
But I don't fear the coming of the snow clouds
And I don't mind the blizzard and the storm
For I have got my songs to keep me happy
And memories of you to keep me warm
Shine on Pauline and flood me with your light
Shine on Pauline and brighten up my night
Shine on Pauline and I'm the lucky one
Your shining casts my shadow on the sun
Copyright Allan Bantick October 1983