When we were small and in our homes, we took most things for granted.
The notion we should question things had not yet been implanted.
But growing up and moving out meant we could make adjustments
Provided that the arguments had reasonable substance.

A case in point is toilet rolls, those humblest of necessities.
Their simple nature serves us well, devoid of proud complexities.
Yet even here a question lies, a point well worth conjecture.
The kind of thing where colleges might hold a three-hour lecture. 

The question is, and ever was, expressed in every tongue.
Exactly how a toilet roll should properly be hung.
Should paper’s end be at the front, accessible to all?
Or should it coyly lay behind and hang against the wall?

I have no wish to criticise or place you under stress
But things like this can colour how relationships progress
I hang my rolls a certain way, on that you may depend
But if you go the other way you cannot be my friend.

By Allan Bantick March 2023