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Boat of Garten Wildlife Group


The Group

BoG-WiG was formed in 2004 and comprises a small number of enthusiastic people.   The group works under the umbrella of the Boat of Garten Community Company and is managed by Heather and Allan Bantick.

The aim of the group is to add to the current knowledge base on the local wildlife, to identify what needs to be done to help and to actually do it. Members of the group are usually willing to share their expertise so if you have a question about the local wildlife please get in touch with Heather or Allan as follows:

We are always ready to welcome new people of all ages into the group. Your time, energy and ideas will be put to good use. Membership of BoG-WiG is open to anyone with an interest in wildlife. It is helpful if you live within easy reach of Boat of Garten but even if you don't your support is much appreciated.