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The village of Boat of Garten is already famous as the place chosen by ospreys in the 1950s as their preferred starting point for recolonising Scotland. The underlying reason for the ospreys' choice is the superb wildlife habitat that exists around Boat of Garten - not just for ospreys and the fish that they like to catch, but also for a wide variety of other species.

So we are presently known as "The Osprey Village" but, as this site will show, we are much more than that. Hopefully one day we will acquire a new label:

The Wildlife Village

A certain amount is already known about the extent of the wildlife in this part of the Scottish Highlands but the picture is by no means complete and even the species that we do know about do not necessarily have a secure future, despite what governments say about duties of care regarding biodiversity.

BoG-WiG therefore came into existence to study what we have here and to help conserve it. Our members carry out a wide variety of conservation tasks both within BoGWig and as individuals - these pages provide a snapshot of some of that work.