Felis Silvestris Lubidinosus   
          (Randy Wildcat)

Banded shadows are a boon
Furnished by your friend the moon
Thus your purposes are served
As you lie there unobserved
Wild of body, wild of soul
Boogie, Jazz and Rock and Roll
Nature's rythm, jungle law
Heart and sinew, tooth and claw
Hunger wracks you, deep as bone
Hunt, but not for food alone
Ageless urges leap and prance
Lure you to a different dance
What care you for planning genes
Pairing Toms with matching Queens
You need no such master plan
Sew the future where you can
Not for you the wine and rose
Not for you the strut and pose
Slink and creep on velvet paws
Take what you consider yours
Thus the future isn't great
Architect of your own fate
Prowling forests every night
Humping everything in sight
Copyright Allan Bantick February 2018