Set upon our raucous schemes in bitterness and discontent
We stand shamed and humbled by the quiet calm you represent
Fertile earth clings tight about you, thwarting all attempts to flee
Honest rock and loam embrace you, rooted firm as any tree.
Kin to all your serried neighbours, frozen in your frozen scene
Wired as any college campus, dull as any college dean.
Once you may have dared ambition, seen yourself in pride of place
Carved in monumental beauty, proud of bearing, fair of face
Perilous are such romances, gamble with them if you must.
Crushed by weight of expectation, dreams too often turn to dust.
Best by far this noble calling, anchored in the here and now.
Perch for any owl and buzzard, scratching post for horse and cow.
Drying rack for bugs and beasts and spiders' eggs when freshly laid
Friend to every farm and forest, sound investment, soundly made
Rest then in inglorious slumber, trusted servant, quiet friend.
Time is firmly in your favour; you'll out-live us in the end


Copyright Allan Bantick April 2018