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List of birds and animals seen during Allan and Heather Bantick's  visit to


January 2002


One of our main reasons for coming to the Gambia was to see lots of birds, and in particular to get a glimpse of some ospreys - perhaps even some of our Scottish ones.   Altogether we saw 152 different species.  This included some ospreys, although we did not manage to see any identifying rings so they could have been from anywhere.

Here are the lists of birds and beasts seen


Anhinger (snake bird)

Babbler (blackcap), Babbler (brown), Barbit Bearded (tree puffin), Batis Senegal, Bee Eater (blue cheeked), Bee Eater (little), Bishop (northern red), Bluebill (western), Bulbul (common), Buzzard (grasshopper), Buzzard (lizard) 

Cisticola (singing), Cordon Bleu (red cheeked), Cormorant (long tailed), Coucal (Senegal), Crake (black), Crane (black crowned), Crombec (northern), Crow (pied)

Dove (African mourning), Dove (red eyed), Dove (wood, black billed), Dove (wood, blue spotted), Drongo (fork tailed), Duck (white faced)

Eagle (African hawk), Eagle (batteleur), Eagle (short toed), Egret (cattle) Egret (black, umbrella bird), Egret (great white)

Cattle Egrets 

Great White Egret



Egret (little), Egret (yellow billed intermediate), Eremomela (greenbacked)

Falcon (red necked), Finch (red-billed fire), Flycatcher (paradise), Flycatcher (red bellied), Francolin (double spurred)

Godwit (bar tailed), Godwit (black tailed), Goshawk (black chanting), Grebe (little), Greenbul (little), Greenshank, Gull (grey headed), Gull (lesser black backed) 


Goliath Heron

Hammerkop, Harrier (marsh), Hawk (harrier), Heron (black headed), Heron (goliath), Heron (grey), Heron (night), Heron (purple), Heron (reef), Heron (straited), Hoopoe (green wood), Hornbill (grey), Hornbill (pied), Hornbill (red billed)

Ibis (hadada), Ibis (sacred) 

Jacana (African - lilly trotter) 

Kestrel (grey), Kestrel (red), Kingfisher (blue breasted), Kingfisher (giant), Kingfisher (pied), Kingfisher (pygmy), Kite (black), Kite (black shouldered) 

Pied Kingfisher


Lark (crested), Leaflove (yellow throated) 

Magpie (black), Mankin (bronze)


Oriole (African golden), OSPREY, Owl (white faced Scops), Owlet (pearl spotted), Oxpecker (yellow billed), Oystercatcher

Parakeet (ring necked), Parakeet (rose ringed), Pelican (pink backed), Pelican (white), Piapia, Pidgeon (speckled), Plantain Eater (western grey), Plover (black headed), Plover (grey), Plover (spur winged), Plover (wattled), Prinia (tawny flnked)

Redshank, Robin chat (snowy crowned), Roller (Abyssinian), Roller (blue bellied)

Sandpiper (common), Shikra, Shrike (northern puff back), Shrike (red shouldered, Shrike (cuckoo), Shrike (yellow billed), Skua (pomarine), Snipe (painted), Sparrow (house), Spoonbill (African), Starling (lesser blue eared glossy), Starling (long tailed glossy), Stilt (black winged), Stork (yellow billed), Sunbird (beautiful), Sunbird (mouse brown), Sunbird (scarlet chested), Sunbird (splendid), Sunbird (variable), Swallow (fantisawing), Swallow (mosque), Swallow (red chested), Swallow (wire tailed), Swift (little), Swift (pallid), Swift (palm), Swine (spine tailed)

Hooded Vulture

Tern (Caspian), Tern (gull billed), Tern (lesser crested), Tern (royal), Tern (sandwich), Think Knee (Senegal), Thrush (African), Tinkerbird (yellow fronted), Turaco (green crested), Turaco (violet), Turnstone

Vulture (hooded), Vulture (palm nut),

Wader (pin tailed), Wagtail (pied), Warbler (melodious), Warbler (nuthatch), Wattle eye (common), Waxbill (lavender), Waxbill (orange cheeked), Weaver (black necked), Weaver (buffalo), Weaver (village), Wheatear, Whimbrel, Woodpecker (grey)


Ants, Antelopes (western sitatunga), Bats (fruit), Butterflies (various), Cattle (assorted), Chameleons, Crabs (fiddler), Crocodiles, 


Green Vervet Monkey

Dolphins, Donkeys, Dragonflies (miscellaneous), Duiker, Hyenas, Lions, Lizards (gecko, agamma and monitor), Monkeys (red colobus, red patas and green vervet), Oxen and Squirrels (grey, ground striped and sun)

.........not to mention dogs and cats.

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