Once as rare as concrete fishes
Common now as maidens' wishes
Evolution supersonic
From extinction to iconic.
Winter now is getting older
Summer urges smoke and smoulder
Longer daylight hours remind you
Time to leave the south behind you
Passports, visas, travel orders
Shan't impede you at the borders
Lawless on your urgent journey
Nature is its own attorney
North awaits your safe arrival
Hope and pray for your survival
Yours a life in constant danger
Fear to you is not a stranger
Weather worn and travel weary
Find your mate and claim your eyrie
Settle down to propagation
Raise a future generation
Daily facing many issues
Testing you in bones and tissues
Crows and buzzards by the millions
Martens, cats and crockadillians
Well equipped with heightened senses
Strongly marshal your defences
Turn with ease such confrontations
As beset your obligations
Wide of wing and keen of hearing
Claws expressly honed for spearing
One of nature's finest fishers
Trout and salmon, most delicious
Train the young till they're proficient
Soon they will be self sufficient
Time for rest and relaxation
As you ponder your migration
So at last the Autumn parting
As your journey south is starting
Written in the seasons reckoning
Southern shores and sunshine beckoning

Copyright Allan Bantick March 2018