Ospreys and Unicorns

The world's in an awful mess      We ruin her more or less      
We build and burn   Showing no concern
For the creatures we dispossess
But this I believe is true    There's plenty we still can do
To tip the scales     On the side of the whales
And maybe the tigers too    
Oh hear what the doubters say "The wilderness had its day
The trees are dead   The beasts have fled
And the birds have all flown away"
But see what belief has done    It shines like an extra sun
And now we've a sky   Where the eagles fly
And a land where the otters run.
For ospreys and unicorns were dreamed of but never seen
Lost to these islands long ago, as if they had never been
But ospreys and unicorns, weren't really that far away
And now that we've got the ospreys back,
There'll be unicorns any day      


Copyright Allan Bantick 2004