I've known since I was very small
That some things make no sense at all
I'm older now and I'll admit
That most things haven't changed a bit
And nowhere is this more the case
Than blind conventions that we face
Conformity was made for fools
A curse, I say, on pointless rules
Red wine with meat and white with fish
Who cares! drink anything you wish.
To all who shun such social mores
I clap my hands in warm applause
Another thought occurred today
Why do we throw odd socks away
And while discussing things we lose
The same applies to gloves and shoes
Who cares if we should look a mess
Uniquely mixing up our dress
Through red and green to heliotrope
A humanoid kaleidoscope
Then, in a car, we must decide
To drive on one or other side
If choosing sides is such a riddle
Let's all just drive right down the middle.
It would no doubt cause many crashes
Broken bones and fatal gashes
Doubling deaths across the nation
Solving overpopulation
I daresay it is no surprise
The public doesn't realise
The value of the things I say
And practice nearly every day
Revealing all the many flaws
In regulations, rules and laws
But I'll fight on with tooth and nail
The moment I get out of jail. 

Copyright Allan Bantick March 2018