The Brocklery
Home is deep where forests grow,
With roots above and earth below,
Warm and safe under winter's snow
Funnily Tunnelly
Snow lies deep on field and fen
Winter sun shines briefly, then
Moonlight glints on frosted glen
Darkly Sparkly
Hidden yet from tree and sky
Mother keeps a watchful eye
As new-born triplets, sleeping lie
Tubbilly cubilly
Rain makes everything alright.
Muddy grass; a joyous sight
Favourite dinner every night
Squirmly Wormly
Summer, and the cubs are grown
Need not live by worms alone
Soon discover on their own
Peanuttery Buttery
Everyone must learn their places
Lacking any social graces
Angry eyes in angry faces
Fightingly Bitingly
Autumn and the trees are shedding
Grass and leaves make cosy bedding
Underground the crop is heading
Readily Beddilly
Now the year is getting old
Days are short and nights are cold
Badgers face them tough and bold
Cockily Brockily


Copyright Allan Bantick February 2018